Know your doctor
Know your doctor

Know your real doctor (surgeon)
Nowadays, there are many deadly trends in medical practice (especially the surgical branch):
For the deadly doctor..
For a terminally ill patient..
For a meaningful doctor..
Meaningful for the patient and his family...
A very common practice among them is that
Send ultrasound or X-ray report on WhatsApp and call, asking doctor to tell the cost...
I don't know whether this happens with other people or not and how they deal with it, but I get very irritated by this question and my first answer and question for them is "Does the patient have to undergo operation or ultrasound or X-ray?" Of the report" ??
The reason for getting irritated and upset is:
1. In most of the cases, without knowing the patient's complaint and history, without touching the patient, it cannot be told just by looking at the ultrasound or X-ray report.
whether operation is needed or not;
2. Their focus point regarding operation is only cost,
That is why the first question is how much will it cost??
By cost they mean the full package including medicine and
For them, package means contract...
From walking on feet to reaching home on your own feet...
That too with guarantee
3. The skill is in the hands of the surgeon, not the result of his work.
4. Brother, in today's times you guarantee the surgeon's life, he will try to guarantee you.
Now tell me, how can anyone tell the total expense???
What is possible??
Although it is justified to ask about the average (not total) expenses because most of the patients are not very strong financially and for them the expense of the operation is an unwanted burden, but in order to save Rs 5-7 thousand by being misled by someone, four times the amount can be spent. Let's sing...
make a mistake
1. A good surgeon (whose name you have heard) tells you Rs 55000 for an operation...
In this he will also call the doctor of unconsciousness,
Will use good medicines,
Will try to ensure that there are no complications from the operation which may bring disrepute,
Will also see the patient in the morning and evening after the operation
Maybe this seems too much to you?
2. Dalal Mian or Nasha Bahu took you to the nearby hospital.
everything is almost the same there
The doctor just doesn't come because of unconsciousness.
The surgeon himself administers anesthesia...
Meaning your work will be done cheap by Rs 4-5 thousand...
3. A little further down the street, enter contractor uncle's hospital;
Everything is very good there too, only 2 things are different.
On top of that, an untrained surgeon also administers anesthesia himself.
Secondly, many such machines/tools which are usually present in every surgeon's OT and are useful during emergency are not there in OT.
What's more, I am telling you the inside story with the assurance that it is not from the hospital doctors.
80% of them do not have OT light, operation is done in LED bulb...more
90% do not have electrocautery which is essential to stop bleeding and is present in every surgeon's OT).
100% laparoscopic sets do not have instruments.
But your operation will be done for 4-5 thousand less...
4. Well, the human being is a creature of inquisitive nature, on top of that he is accompanied by the broker Mian, a little inside the street and enters the 2-room hospital of Daddu, the dhaba owner.
Operations are done there too, only there is no surgeon and doctor for anesthesia... A man (fake doctor and fake surgeon) comes, puts on a mask, gives unconsciousness and after the operation, he goes on, but the same operation costs Rs 15-16 thousand. If you go, you will feel that the earlier hospital was looting...
But the reality is that if your luck is good then you will go back home, if there is any complication then you will be referred to a medical college or a big expensive hospital otherwise you will go to the post-portum house...!
Meaning, either you will save the entire 8-10 thousand rupees or spend another 1.5 lakh or make your Ram name true....
Since most of the people are risk takers, such hospitals are their first choice;
But you will have to make a big incision, you will have to stay in the hospital for a long time, ultimately you will have to spend 2-3 times more and you will have to pretend to be happy and say that there is danger in everything, even the biggest surgeon is not a guarantee. Take!!